Printer recommendations for Fuji jpegs?

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Re: Printer recommendations for Fuji jpegs?

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I don't have the Pro 9000, but I'm aware of a good friend who has used it for years - and I evaluated the differences at the time of purchase. They will yield very similar prints, and perform very similarly. The chief difference is in the improvement in fade resistance. Though the 9000 is good for this compared to other dye printers, it has a failing with yellow ink (not at all uncommon) that has been successfully addressed in the "+" ink set of the Pro-100. The corresponding improvement claimed by Canon and is verified by independent testing - Aardenburg Imaging.

Very good to know. Thank much for sharing that.

Yes thank you. I googled a picture of the pro-100 and it looks remarkably similar to the printer I have, the Pixma pro-9000 mark II, which as I mentioned is about 9 years old at this point. That being said, it looks like the pro-100 came out several years ago also, so there may not be a big technological difference between the two, save the difference in fade as was discussed. Also, I have used archival paper with that printer which they say has a life of something like at least a hundred years. Long and short of it is I will likely be dead before any of the pictures fade. Now this is incentivizing me to but some ink cartridges and resurrect that pro 9000. I might want to print out a few and have some pictures mounted on aluminum behind acrylic glass. It's pricey but they look oh so good. They had a photo display at the crate and barrel near me and I was very impressed.


If you look through the Aardenburg Imaging site (it is a bit complicated in showing how the fade resistance tests are presented)... you will get a good idea of the differences between the two printers. Most third-party papers do not do well, but oddly the Ilford papers seem to work very well with the Pro-9000 (I doubt the Mark I-II designation makes any difference). Ilford papers are very nice, and fairly priced. The Epson matte papers are also good overall... I used them with my old HP 8750 and they are very stable... though the paper quality itself has been cheapened considerably in recent years (Canon PM-101 is superb... and probably works well with the Pro-9000 for stability, as well.)

What is clearly apparent is that archival printing requires the OEM Canon inks. Precision Color ranks second, but not nearly in the same class... and the company doesn't claim near-archival dye inks... good for them.

I was using OEM canon ink, and OEM canon paper as well :).  Our prints have looked just great.

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