What did Canon and Nikon do wrong?

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Canon sold more cameras and made significantly more money then Sony selling them at the end of the day Canon will still have close to 1/2 the market and twice as much profit. They even sold more 6DMKII then Sony sold A73 in the BCN rankings that DPR posted only in DPR land can selling more cameras and making more money then your competition be considering losing.

The problem is the overall trend. Both Canon and Nikon are selling far less cameras than they did last year, and are making less money. If you read their own financial statements, they fully accept that they are facing problems. The question is why.

For the same reason Sony sold 750,000 less cameras last quarter then the year before. When you compare the actual reporting time frame Sony had the same drop in sales as Canon and Nikon the thread should be titled what are Canon, Nikon, Sony, and everyone else’s doing wrong.

Sony sold fewer cameras for more money. Canon and Nikon sold fewer cameras for less money. Whatever problems Sony have, you can't say they have the same problem as Nikon and Canon.

How long do you think Sony can keep selling less cameras for more money if that’s even what they did hard to tell for certain in their statements. Plus I find it amusing that Sony buyers are proud of the fact they are over paying for their cameras and lenses

I think you are reading it wrong, the only reason Sony can ask (and get) more money for their mirrorless cameras/lenses is that the customers have the perception that this equipment is generally worth more than Nikon or Canon equipment. For example, i don't think Nikon or Canon yet have linear motors on their lenses - which means they can't track as fast as Sony. Canon and Nikon wouldn't have built FF mirrorless if they hadn't felt they were falling behind in public perceptions (and reality).

he knows most of that already; for instance, he saw the a9 15fps af-c sequence that I posted, no dslr can do that.

he just refuses to admit that the performance of his ancient dslr gear isn't as good... I find it amusing that he's crying about sony prices, when you pay more for dslrs, that give you worse performance:

a9: $3500

1dxmk2: $5500

d5: $6500

The A9 and 1dxmk2 have one thing in common. The lenses people desire most for them are Canon EF mount.

totally wrong, because no canon ef-mount lens can do 20fps af-c, and neither can any canon body.

No adapted Sony lens can either.

just admit that you were wrong, as usual, with your ridiculous claim that people want to use old canon dslr lenses over new sony lenses.

There are well over 50 threads like this, that show you are wrong and know nothing about Sony.

no, i own sony, you don't.

your posts already proved that you know nothing about sony.

You were wrong and many many people pick the Canon lenses over Sony.

wrong again, most sony owners do NOT want old and obsolete canon dslr lenses over sony e-mount glass.

You dishonestly removed th posts I listed proving you wrong. Here are a couple:

because it's not relevant to what you claimed, which was that: "The lenses people desire most for them are Canon EF mount."

proving *once again* that you know nothing about sony.

Sony makes a 70-200/4 and they chose the Canon version. you are obviously wrong old man.

calling me names doesn't make you right, lol

But you are an old man. And you know nothing about Sony we just saw it again. You were shown to be wrong old man.

calling me names doesn't make you right, lol

it's just more of your failed cyber bullying.

Even many of Sony's own E mount lens can't. The 70-200/4 FE which is advertised as a sports lens can't for example.

that lens is 15fps af-c capable, which again, no dslr on the planet can match.

Going back to 2012 there have been many cameras that can shoot 15FPS.

no, there haven't been "many cameras" that can shoot 15fps af-c, using a ff sensor.

Here are some Proving you wrong again.

wrong again.

1) none of those cameras are ff.

2) none of those cameras are dslrs.

3) the v1 series went belly up, lmao, because no one wanted it.

remember, you just told us that: "The lenses people desire most for them are Canon EF mount."

and then you didn't post ANY canon EF mount lenses there!

congrats on proving what I just said, again!

But all I said was no Sony adapted lens can.

no, you stupidly claimed that people wanted canon glass over sony glass.

And I showed several thread from Sony owners say they did.

a sample size of six or eight, from years ago, only proves that you know nothing about sony.

And the A9 has very slow mechanical shutter like a D3400 that sells for $300.

electronic shutters are the future.

they are totally silent, and they use less power.

That is why Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic had them first.

none of those cameras have a stacked sensor...

Changing the subject because you were proven wrong so many times. classic.

not knowing anything about milc; typical of you.

canon lenses are far from the first choice.

You meant to say usually they are only choice.

"MILC Man is really a 70 year old Sony fan trolling this sisite since 2000 who knows nothing about Sony or video"

calling me names won't change your status out here

You removed the part about OSV. So that confirms it. Thanks.

we know who you are.

yup, there just isn't any arguing with that

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