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Re: Fantastic news: Pentax as industry leader

Chris Mak wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

And what a title! No personal impressions yet, I still have to read it...

P.S. Soon we should also have DPR's interview... Alex

To my ears, this sounds like this: the manager obviously speaks about Pentax plans and intentions. His words convey a plan, so to speak, in which Pentax intends to lead the innovation in the DSLR field.

It will produce a wave of positive changes, follow-ups, and sincere imitations (by Pentax closest DSLR competitors Nikon and Canon), which will collectively shift the purchasing power of the market to reconsider the DSLRs once again.

"The last roar of the dinosaurs?" Yeah, "right".
This is fantastic. If the impact is stronger, it may persuade players like Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and others to rethink their mirrorless strategies, and invest in the DSLR designs.

I think you are not seeing this through fully. Pentax may not have spilled the beans yet, but they are actually planning a full return to film dslr cameras, and are preparing contracts with fuji and kodak to produce new revolutionary high end film types on a massive scale, so they will be ready when the photographic world realizes the mistake of going digital, and heads back on an equally massive scale to the film era. Digital dslr cameras, including mirrorless, will continue to exist, but merely as a conventional alternative for the very lazy shooters. The worldwide collapse of the photography market is in truth not at all related to the smart phone advent, but is a sign that a grand realization is taking place that digital photography is a big mistake, and people are dead wrong wasting their money on digital cameras and lenses optimized for digital, and are very wise to save up their money for the coming Pentax film revival landslide.....


Ok. Your joint beats Zvonimir Tosic's joint

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