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I've had this camera just over a week and I'm UK based

JeremyB2 wrote:

First of all, many thanks to everyone at this forum for being so helpful and friendly. I have been lurking for several months while making a decision about which camera I shall buy to supplement my Canon SX50 and I have now decided on the Sony RX100 Mk 6. I shall be buying the camera within the next month or so prior to trekking in the Langtang Valley in Nepal and will greatly appreciate comments relating to my questions below. I do realise that many of the answers to these questions can be found by looking back on earlier postings, but I ask for your tolerance in hoping for up-to-date concise information.

1) Camera bag. I have gone through threads at the DPreview Sony Cyber-shot Talk forum going back several years. Many of the suggested makes of camera bag appear to be no longer available. I want a bag that can be attached to a belt and I would like it to be as small as possible as I do not need to put anything in it other than the camera (spare batteries, etc will be carried separately). The ability to quickly remove the camera from the bag is important. I prefer Velcro on the flap rather than a zip. The bag needs to be able to accommodate the camera when fitted with a grip (See item 3 below).

I bought the small Baxxtar one off Amazon. It has zips, not velcro as most bags have. It was £12.00 (or maybe £14.00!) but it holds the camera with a grip fitted and a couple of other bits, (SD cards & Cleaning cloths), but not more than one or two spare batteries. The loop is a double velcro one and it can be attached to a belt without removal of the belt. Excellent VFM

2) I will want an out-of-the camera battery charger. I'm not clear if the supplied 'AC adapter' is the same thing as a battery charger? I suspect not. If an out-of-camera battery charger is not supplied the optional Sony one seems to be quite expensive but is it worth it? Recommendations for an equivalent alternative?

Sony batteries and chargers are an arm and a leg. The charger is £40.00 and the batteries are £20.00. I bought a DuraPro digital display dual battery charger and 4 batteries with cases, for £20.00 off Amazon; they are very well made and last as long as the original

3) It appears that a grip is an essential with this small camera. It seems as though some grips rely purely on double-sided tape whereas another one (Photodiox) looks as though it has a screw attachment to a section fixed to the camera base. Has anyone ever had a problem with a double-sided tape attached grip coming off? I'm not sure if the Richard Franiec grip is still available. Are their any other good alternatives aside from the proprietary Sony one? Ideally I would prefer a grip that does not project beyond the lens ring at the front or add too much to the width of the camera.

The Sony grip is £12.00, works perfectly and is easy to attach. I've had a Franiec grip on a Panny GM5. It was beautifully made cast aluminium but cost 3x as much as the Sony one, weighed more and did the job no better. Get the Sony.

4) Recommendations for memory cards? I currently have SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC cards, Class 10, U3, V30. I shan't be using much video to start with, so will this type of card be adequate for the time being?

That is what I have and they work perfectly well.

5) Screen protector recommendations?

Don't get an Invisible Shield as I did. It cost £silly and has bubbles, despite ultimate care in application and previous bubble free applications on numerous occasions with alternative products

6) Everyone seems to think that the Sony manual for the camera is not the easiest to use. I note that camera guides are available from Gary Friedman and Wim Arys. Does anyone have a preference for one of these over the other, or indeed alternative guides. Having become used to Canon menus I anticipate finding that I need a little while to get used to the Sony menu system as my 77 year old brain absorbs and adapts to new information quite slowly now! Therefore I shall be starting off using P mode for much of the time before experimenting with settings on a broader basis. I have noted the importance of using the facility to store frequently using settings.

I've found the Wim Arys one to be excellent. The menu isn't the most intuitive but not as bad as is reported anyway.

7) Where to buy? The sensible part of me tells me to pay nearly full price through someone like Amazon where I know I can return it easily if I have any initial problems. The practical side of me says why not go for a grey import at several hundred Pounds less but risk possible difficulties if I need to return the camera or make a warranty claim. Comments regarding reliable grey import companies will be appreciated.

I've previously bought from HK with no problems but just went to John Lewis for mine due to their 2 yr warranty and the fact that there is a Sony £100.00 cashback until September anyway.

8) Recommendations for insurance against theft, loss, breakdown, accidental damage? I feel that this small 'bar of soap' may be at higher risk of accidental damage than my larger SX50. I will also need to look closely at the cover provided by my home insurance personal effects policy although the excess with that is quite high.

It's not a bar of soap with the Sony grip on it and the bigger SX50 is more likely to take a knock due to increased bulk. I rely on my household.

Hope this helps,


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