Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

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Re: Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

as1mov wrote:


I have heard a complaint by many youtubers that with the Eye-AF you have to select Auto-Area mode leaving you than no option to select the focus point.

I have reconfigured one of the function buttons to select the auto-focus area mode, so whenever I do not want the Eye-AF or the Eye-AF is for some reason stuck I can switch back to, say, single-point or wide-are.

It takes a fraction of second to operate the change, so why is everybody saying that this is a limitation of the Eye-AF?

Maybe I am missing something.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Because most youtubers are dumb and exist in a resonance chamber.

When one person says something dumb, others restate it, which then reinforces the first person and others to reference what others have said, etc.

The entire point of Eye-AF is so that you don't have to select the focus point.  It's like complaining that your automatic transmission car doesn't come with a stick shifter.

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