New updates for Sony cameras (3.01 not 3.00) released

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Re: New updates for Sony cameras (3.01 not 3.00) released

voronspb wrote:

jonpais wrote:

Thing is, none of us are experiencing this problem. It's not for IBIS- stability refers to the general functioning of the camera. haha If I heard that noise, I'd return the camera pronto.

Several facts:

  1. All current IBIS-equipped Sony models are listed.
  2. No camera without IBIS is listed.
  3. Even the long forgotten cameras like A99II and A7II received this update.
  4. This is the first firmware update ever for A99II.

There's very strong evidence saying us 2 things:

  1. This update is related to IBIS and none else. (Otherwise the list of cameras would be different and/or the description wouldn't be copy-pasted for different cameras.)
  2. This update solves the problem big enough to require fixing even in really old cameras, including the one which never received any update.

Interesting concurrence: this update has appeared 2 weeks after I reported the above mentioned IBIS problem to Sony, and fixing my problem was done in 1 business day, which points to firmware update and none else.

Of note:

It appears that Sony rebuilt the Linux kernel for the ILCE-9 5.01 update (according to Alexander Gee on SAR, there is a new kernel image), but it also appears that this rebuild either:

1) Did not contain any source code changes


2) Sony is violating the GPL with this release

Nearly all of their camera products at only have a single source code release (the major ILCE-9 5.00 is one of the few exceptions) - so they are either not changing the OSS components with anything more than a rebuild, or they are not updating source code in accordance with the license of said source code.

Side note - a general theme is that any body which lacks PMCA support no longer contains webkit as an OSS component.

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