New updates for Sony cameras (3.01 not 3.00) released

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Re: When has Sony intentionally broken 3rd party lenses?

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EDIT: Anyway it's good to see some love for older bodies.

I'm not so sure that love is the main reason for this. I would be a bit careful if I used anything third-party, such as lenses, batteries or flashes...

I get the battery thing but why do you mention lenses and flashes? When has Sony broken 3rd party E-mount lenses or even 3rd party A-mount lenses?

With the E mount as an open standard, such speculations about lenses are just nonsense.

Except it isn't really open.

People keep on citing Sony's 2011 press release without bothering to read the fine print.  Such as "basic" specifications.  Also Sony reserving the right to deny anyone access to the specs.

Which is why it took until 2018 before we saw ANY evidence of companies that didn't have an explicity contract manufacturing or cross-branding relationship with Sony getting any assistance from them, and we've also seen major players in the market (Metabones) explicitly state they received no assistance whatsoever despite meeting Sony's claimed criteria in the 2011 announcement.

As to the battery issues...  boo hoo, battery manufacturers half-assed their fuel gauge reverse engineering and it got broken when Sony improved their state of charge monitoring algorithms to request data that older firmwares didn't ask for.  The fact that only some battery manufacturers got nailed indicates that the fault lies with the battery manufacturer, not Sony.

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