Help me pick a laptop spec?

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Re: Help me pick a laptop spec?

What software? Some applications make use of the CPU primarily, others put the GPU to good use. For me, 14" is too small for photo editing, unless you use an external monitor, so I don't follow those models, though other PC Talk participants do. A used laptop might be best. I surmise your Surface 2 is unsuitable due to insufficient memory. I never had any problems editing still photos with Intel HD 620, but it could not play videos without dropping frames.

noneoftheabove wrote:

Hi. I have a MS Surface Pro 2 i5 4gb that i'm finding is no longer suitable for what I need. In particular, its struggling with 24gb raw files from my Canon m50.

I think I have narrowed my preferences down to the Dell Inspiron 14 5000-series 2-in-1 for the best balance of price and features (its has lots of sockets and the insides are accessible). However, I'm unsure what specs would be best for photo processing in terms of processor (i5 vs i7) compared to the benefit of an Nvidia graphics card instead of Intel HD built in. Other specs would probably be 8gb (it can be expanded later to 16gb. I would love a fancy top-spec machine, but I have a budget of ~£6-700.

Can anyone suggest what the best balance of specs may be most suitable for photo processing? Thanks in advance.

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