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Hmmmm, is right!! That about sums it up for me then. I have to wonder about all the reviews I've gone through where they show the Osmo as clearly the better of the two. But in the side by side viewing, clearly the 7 wins . . . big time!! I'm glad you posted this because I was contemplating sending the 7 back to Costco and getting the Osmo. Not anymore.

My wife and I were out yesterday. I was trying to experiment with the settings for getting better stable shots for indoor lighting. I went to a mall, JC Pennys and Costco. Better results, but still not quite there. I reset the settings after to ISO 100 for outdoor shooting, and my wife took over the cam while I was driving. I kept telling her to hold the cam more steady. I figured the results would be a total mess. Anyway, I viewed all the footage after, and when viewing what she took I was totally amazed. You could see the dash of the car, along with the bugs on the windshield bobbing all over the place, yet the scene outside of the windshield was rock solid. How can that be explained? I'm really curious about that one. Perhaps tomorrow when I have time I will post some of her footage to show what I mean. This little cam ceases to amaze me in how it works.

By the way, I forgot to mention that from the video, I feel the colors are much more vibrant from the sample of the GoPro than that from the Osmo.

So can you explain to me how my one is more stable then this video, whilst cycling i must add... You can see how rough the ride is by how much my helmet is bouncing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1LqNxfHJTo&t=186s

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