GRiii or Sony RX 100VI/VA

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TN Args wrote:

pastukaste wrote:

thelps wrote:

pastukaste wrote:

It’s ok here discussing other cameras in context of the Ricohs is not a bad thing

While I don't disagree with your premise, this RX100 "discussion" pervades many of the threads to the point of hijacking them and is incessant. Its all been said over and over.

New people to the forum will probably think otherwise as for the RX100 there probably should be a bit more emphasis on the 24 and 28 mm performance. I use the GR as a alternative lens to using a 28mm focal length on my fuji system leaving the 35 f1.4 (50 mm focal) permanently parked on the XE3

If people willing to entertain that decision RX vs GR want to see it discussed on a forum with lots of readers, then this thread and similar threads should be posted on the Sony Compacts forum -- but over there it wouldn't achieve the OP's real objective here. After all, they would probably also be looking at several other RX models, and guess which forum is better for that?

If a person here chooses to post so be it  most of the time this is a deserted site so it will be in a years time . If you don’t like the thread don’t read it the tile indicates what it is about

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