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Re: All the forums on here are the same...

absquatulate wrote:

An amazing choice of products, but filled with gear heads whining incessantly about their chosen brand. It's really quite simple, if you're not happy then buy something else. I'm really pretty amazed at how good all these cameras are these days, but then l still happily use film so maybe l have a more grounded perspective.

I remember flaky auto-focus, shutter lag, rubbish ergonomics, tiny viewfinders etc etc, now l pick up my G9 and am regularly amazed by what it can do. I'm sure l could apply that to any m4/3's camera from the last 5 years. There's just no serious perspective from many people on here, l consider myself really lucky to own such capable equipment, l really don't understand what's not to like?

Because while you point out happens, other things happen. Like some people here constantly comparing vs other system instead of posting photos of what they can do with their preferred tool. And then another set of people proceeds to complain that it's people from other systems trolling.

Some people also express simply a different set of needs that leads them to a different tool, and then they get burned at the stake.

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