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Freedom of expression

pannumon wrote:

CharlesB58 wrote:

Some folks take themselves too seriously.

Some people think they know a lot more than they really do, being unwilling to admit it even when called on it.

I do believe some people here have a "mission", at least personal, if not paid, to criticize m4/3 and/or specific camera brands.

Some folks recognize that people are going to find things to complain about, regardless.

It also works the other way around! Some people seem to be happy whatever their favorite manufacturer does, and do not want to hear anything critical about them or their products.

It's exactly 10 years since I (pre)ordered my GH1. I still like Micro Four Thirds very much, but nowadays I am more interested in facts rather than Micro Four Thirds gospel. In general, I don't have problems with those "criticizing" Micro Four Thirds, because they are usually just straightening out misconceptions. I do have problems with people spreading misconceptions or even lies.


I would add that some folks interpret every critic as "m43 bashing". But criticizing and bashing are two very different notions and have two different goals.

It would be nice if some learn to discern between those two notions.

Recently, a lot of m43 users are dissapointed by the direction of the system (camera and lenses get bigger and more expensive). They see the other way round in FF (cameras get smaller and more affordable). They see no proper midrange on the horizon from Olympus. They are puzzled by Panasonic move with the L mount.

All those are valid concerns about m43 future. A forum like this is the right place to express and discuss their concerns, as long as it's "critics" and not "bashing".

It would be nice if people could discuss without being systematically attacked by the m43 "politically correct" patrol.

Luckily, we have open minded moderators that prevent this forum to be boringly "one track thinking" and preserve freedom of expression.

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