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Re: What will happen if a fixed, or almost equal, amount of NR is applied to RAW?

James Bligh wrote:

TN Args wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

TN Args wrote:

Still waiting for some sort of admission of error from Mr Bligh.

I don't think you'll see any.

At some point he started talking about "Premature color desaturation of GR3 RAW"; he only have to claim that RAWs are dulled <rolling eyes> uniformly at all ISOs (by what? Applying same amount of NR from ISO100 to 12800+?).

It doesn't matter it's just Adobe's interpretation.


I said 'premature' you said 'progressive'.

You said "color desaturation in RAW as ISO climbs up is not adequately addressed"

Is "color desaturation in RAW as ISO climbs up" not "progressive"?

It can be either way.


If you want me to be more specific, I may say premature for color

See - is there any colour desaturation, objectively, by numbers? What proof of your own do you have that there is any premature desaturation?

What my eyes see says so.

Objective numbers don't agree with your assessment. Neither do my calibrated and profiled high-end monitors and my trained eyes.

You do what you are good at I do what I think I am good at.

If, by that, you mean to say that you are good at seeing desaturation of colours, we have objective proof that you are absolutely terrible at that.

You seem to be in a state of denial about that proof, but that's just sad. It is as objective as it gets.

A little bit of awareness of human perception and auto-suggestion mechanisms will usually bring about a humbling realization of the weakness of statements like "I trust my eyes" and (in hifi land), "I trust my ears". I commend to you that path.

You may argue about reliability of testimony. One very important factor in deciding reliability is consistency of testimony of which I think I excelled.

progressive for noise.

Please provide your data supporting the progressive NR suggestion (in terms of resolution loss or MTF).

I did not say progressive I said premature.

"premature for color, progressive for noise." I quoted, and here is your post that I quoted:

How's that for the "consistency of testimony", of which you think you excelled?


I think you have no talent in persuading the jury. It is very lucky of you in that you had not become an attorney. Your opponents will be delighted when you are a trial lawyer representing other party.

What Iliah posted is the equivalent of him entering a courtroom as an expert scientist, and tabling objective 100% proof that the prosecution's case against the GR III is bunkum. He doesn't need to be a good lawyer or persuader when he is the expert scientist and tables incontrovertible evidence. If he just gave an opinion without evidence, then the prosecution could hire a pet scientist-for-sale with no scruples to give an opposing opinion, but not when the evidence is clear. This case is clear. The colour saturation of the GR III does NOT fall as the ISO goes up.

Your position is like the witness who says, "But I saw him at the scene of the crime, even though the DNA and the CC cameras all place him 1000 miles away at the time, I saw him with my own eyes and I trust my eyes!" The jury would ask the judge if they really have to adjourn. The case is effectively already closed.


You can't be an Agatha Christy or a Raymond Chandler. You lack the plot of hers and the style of his prose. Just be what you are.

Yet I found TN Args writing a rather engaging simile. I like such things both in writing and photographically.

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