Is DPR biased?

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Re: Bear in mind that in most cases...

Bill Ferris wrote:

kiwidad wrote:

Ben Herrmann wrote:

...any review, of any particular camera, will involve subjective comments and preferences thrown into the mix. Often-times, this is done without forethought because the reviewer(s) is(are) imprinting their desires. In only a few select cases (that I've seen) has a particular reviewer nailed something right on without perceivable bias.

No difference here either - as that IBIS comments really represents which corner a person is in - those who embrace IBIS for everything, or those to who it doesn't matter. Nobody is right here - but yes, when you read that particular comment in a review, IMO, is really not the right thing to focus on.

But I doubt it would stop anyone (except those IBIS die-hards - of which I am one), from getting one. But even folks like myself don't mind purchasing Fuji camera bodies because of our love for that brand name.

I think my point is being missed. DPR put out on may 16 2019 their 2019 recommendation documenter sports shooters, and of the non IBIS cameras they only singled the X-t3 out for criticism for no IBIS. this is not old reviews going back to before they thought IBIS was a deal!

Actually, you've missed the point. As addressed in my earlier response, DPR's summary reviews are not genre-specific. The X-T3 summary linked to in the "Best Cameras for Sports and Action" buying guide is the same summary linked to in all the other DPR guides. The no-IBIS ding is brought up in the context of the X-T3's suitability as a video camera. IBIS is an absolutely relevant criteria in that segment.

While the X-T3 is not DPR's choice for best digital camera for video, it is their "Also Consider" selection. That's basically a runner-up position. How does such a high rating demonstrate bias against the X-T3 or Fuji products?

It seems I did miss that point. Is the summary the same for all the reports? Gonna have to run and look now

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