Which all in one zoom for D7500

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Which all in one zoom for D7500

For higher quality I have a Sigma 17-70C but on holiday I want a longer wide range zoom but still reasonably sharp including the corners (and want a metal mount).

I bought a white box Nikon 18-140 a few years ago, it seemed to work OK on my Df but on my new D7500 it is soft at 18 and 50mm but sharp at 140mm.
On DXO it claims this is a good lens at all focal lenghts, but for me at the moment and on the ephotozine.com test shot at 18mm of the green house that does not appear to be true in the corners / edges.

I have tried focus fine tune (it is about +5 when set at 50mm) and limiting smallest aperture to F6.7 but still do not like the 18mm and 50mm results much.

So shall I

a/ Buy another 18-140mm, in a gold box this time, as I have dropped my current 18-140mm once and hope the new one works more like the DXO review.  Perhap Nikon have got better quality control over the years?

b/ Get a Sigma 18-200 C, they are cheap enough, it is an upto date design.  As long as it is good to 105mm or 140mm I will be happy.

c/ Get a Nikon 18-200 Mk2, the DXO measurement data / graphs appear less good, but perhaps it take sharp shots at 18mm ! ?

or lastly

d/ Get a Nikon 18-300, the DXO data seem say the CA is rubbish in mid focal lenghts and the camera has a lot of distortion correct and it has more tele than I need,  but it is a recent design and a lot of owners seem to rate it.

Does anyone know if the distortion and other corrections the camera can do degrade the corners of the image much?

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Thank is  advance Graham

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