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Re: For someone who has never owned one...

T O Shooter wrote:

I don't think the fellow holding the D850 has anything to be jealous about. And ...............

is this fake news?

You're pretty worked up about Nikon Z it seems....   well, it's only going to get worse with every new Z camera, every new Z lens and every new firmware update.   The D850 is indeed an excellent camera for those that get along with a larger body, ovf, etc so you might as well enjoy it while it lasts because it's only a matter of time (and probably not much time).  Even as you ignore advantages already present with the Z system, any arguments you make today about the D850 advantages may be valid but they will be less so tomorrow and even less the day after.  Whether you like it or not that is the reality of where we are in 2019.  It seems like there are two camps...  one camp has been fighting mirrorless for so long they can't let go even if it's their own brand and the other camp accepts and embraces the changes that are happening.   That doesn't mean the latter camp thinks mirrorless is categorically better and it doesn't mean that they are selling all of their DSLR gear to switch but it does mean that they are realistic about what is happening.  We may not agree on much but I think we can all agree on which camp you are in  .

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