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What I am trying to say that Nikon did tweak their color rendering in Z system. Colors look more constrasty and saturated now.

But I don't want exaggerated contrast and oversaturated color, I want it right where Camera Standard is.

They are not over-saturated .. processing is done just done enough for the pictures to look great straight, which means less time spent in post processing. As I said that was the first I noticed as how much better colors look when I imported the pics to LR.

Calm down a bit. The colors are just fine on a D850 :^)

Anytime someone used the term “magical” when describing anything to do with a camera, I immediately dismiss their opinions as lacking any objectivity.

In the same thread I also presented scientific analysis about accurate AF .. colors is a qualitative thing and look visibility better on Z but you would only know if you compare side by side. I love my D850 but I am calling a spade a spade.

Why should I? I have D610 and D850 and tons of F mount lenses. I have Z6 with just the kit lens and FTZ adapter. Z has better mount better zoom (24-70 F2.8S) , newer color rendering algorithms plus all the goodies of ML system. Why should I not praise the obvious advantages? I fell in love with the system and just telling the results after using side by side for couple of months. New FW improved focus and brought new features to Z6.Z7 whereas D850 and D610 features are etched in stone.

For my use Z6 ticks more check-boxes than D610 and D850.

What good is a camera system if it’s only capable of shooting static subjects , it’s great that your happy with it but I guess your wants / standards are lower then other shooters which is fine but if your tryin to convince others good Luck with that ...

Pretty funny that Nikon puts out a service advisory and the Z body defense team snaps to attention 😂😂

What is a good camera system (D850) that cannot nail focus on static eyes ?
With sticky EYE AF Z6/Z7 track eyes in real time. So yes real time tracking on Z is better too.

Service advisory is not a recall like tons of D750 ones .. Nasim of photographylife Z7 has an affected Z but he never noticed any issues .. Nikon is just over cautious after D600 fiasco.

Per Nasim

First of all, I was a bit surprised to find out that my Nikon Z7 is affected. Having used the camera in the field for over 8 months, I never noticed that mine had any issues related to in-body image stabilization (IBIS). In fact, my sample was one of the units used in the field to report on how amazing the IBIS system on the Z7 is (you can read about it in our Nikon Z7 review). I wonder if Nikon actually knows which particular units are truly affected, because mine does not seem to suffer from any issues. The same goes for Spencer, who also has an affected Z7, but his camera has not had any issues with IBIS either. Perhaps the company came across a sample or two that had some problems and decided to recall the whole batch, who knows. Although mine is doing just fine, I will still go ahead and send it in, as I am curious about what type of service it will go through.

In summary, it appears that this is a very minor service advisory that affects a small range of cameras.

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