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Re: Agriculture around Schiphol airport ..

LouHolland wrote:

Agriculture around Schiphol airport, Holland.

I do not make much landscape images and despite the fact that the Netherlands is almost flat, there are still many places that are very worthwhile.

This photo was made at Schiphol airport and I was so busy with shadows, plow tracks, colors, texture that I didn't notice the plane at all. If you follow the slots in the middle to the two towers on the horizon, there is a Boeing 747 between them. Almost unseen, I also saw it much later.

However, in the foreground you see a number of zigzag lines and those are the traces of fairly thick trees that the low sun has left behind and the large strip of shadow with light openings in it is the foliage. It was this combination of beautiful sky, agri landscape lines and cracked shadows that I never saw before here that attracted me to take a picture.

The question remains whether you prefer the Black & White or the Color photo and why. I already have an answer but I am curious how you think about it.

1.b & w


Click on "original size" for best magnification.


I prefer the monochrome, primarily because I think the photo's appeal is essentially in shapes and lines of unique character, while its colors are more or less as expected, i.e., brown dirt, blue sky, green trees.

My view is on a small netbook, so I don't have high confidence in my perception of color qualities.  Still, it appears to me that both images are heavily saturated (dense?), and for me this quality does not contribute to theme, i.e., I just can't associate the depth of saturation/density with some meaning -- it doesn't "say" anything to me.  This is merely a report of my own impression, and may represent nothing more than my own mental density.

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