Adorama vs. B&H - question & a little background

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Adorama vs. B&H - question & a little background

Hi everyone  .  I'm really excited to have found this forum and the amount of knowledge here really amazes me!!  I found this site from seeing DPR TV -  I came across the reviews by Chris & Jordan when researching for my first 'serious' camera. (love those reviews btw).   (sorry this got kinda long, if you want, you can SKIP to the last 1-2 paragraphs for my main question!!  my apologies!!)

I have pretty much ALL but 100% decided on getting the Fuji XT3. I'm just pretty much in love with it.  (i really wish it had a flip screen. ughhh.  but that's not a deal-breaker-  I'm not a vlogger but I DO plan to film myself playing guitar, building PCs, or just talking. flip screen would be huge).  There were a couple other contenders, mainly the XT30 (seems a bit too small as I have pretty large hands) and the Canon M50.  (still a very distant contender due to its flipscreen and *fantastic* price, but it's just a bit too crippled video-wise for me).  I also love the idea of the GH5/5S ..  but the price of the XT3 is definitely already at my higher end, budget wise, which i'll get into in a sec. It also seems like no manufacturers are willing to make a camera that has literally *everything*.  some of them get close, but..  anyway.

I lean a little heavier towards video, but I also am interested in getting more serious about stills photography as a creative outlet. As of now, I am a beginner, and I have been inspired for about a year now to get started, but haven't made the plunge.  I have improved immensely in composition and lighting just from practicing with my smartphone, which is really all I've been able to do for a while now.  I have watched literally hundreds of hours of DPR reviews, and videos by several of the photography youtubers (Tony & Chelsea N, Peter McKinnon, Kai, and a few others).   I have a great foundation on the basics, but I just haven't *done* it yet.

I am moving from an apartment to a house in 1 month and will be building a little home office/studio there, which will have a moderately high end gaming/editing PC setup, several *fantastic* guitars that I am humbled and privileged to own, and I want to incorporate photography and video into my setup.  no clear direction, but this all started when I went on a huge acoustic guitar kick, and I had so many really high quality acoustic guitars come through my hands, that I wanted to record them, maybe do reviews and sound samples etc.

so, now that you have a bit of background.. my main question boils down to the title, Adorama vs. B&H.  Now...  I understand that there are also different vendors out there, but I have decided to go with one of these 2 for a couple reasons.  In my household, it's pretty hard for me to save money, for several reasons which I won't go into.   As an alternative to layaway, I have decided to buy multiple gift cards in increments of $100-300 whenever I have free cash.. and putting these towards the XT3.   I could likely do it without doing this, but I have found that this makes it less likely that I will flake out or spend the money elsewhere, etc.  I know this sounds strange but I don't want to dip into savings or have to sell anything , so..  gift cards.  I haven't decided between B&H or Adorama, but I am more comfortable with these 2 because their gift cards are electronic and tied to my account/email..  (not lost in the mail)..  and because of their reputation as large vendors. They will both permit using multiple gift cards towards a single purchase.

Since I don't really have experience with either, (other than buying an RTX 2080 from B&H) ..  does anyone have any advice or reason to pick one instead of the other?  I've been looking at the various kits/bundles with the XT3 and they are pretty equal in terms of price, although I do believe Adorama has a couple which have more useful accessories for the same price.  (i'm planning to get something with the XT3, the kit lens, an SD card, and a cheap camera bag. for not much more than the base price).

I'm sorry, I feel like this is kind of a weird post. But I just want to see people's thoughts on which of these 2 vendors you would choose, in case there's something I'm not considering.



Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M) Fujifilm X-T3
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