Is DPR biased?

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Re: Are you looking for confirmation bias ?

Symtex wrote:

Are you insecure about the gear you bought that you need confirmation bias ? People love different features and and a lot of these camera review are 100% subjective. They can tell you the facts but the interpretation of theses facts and how they impact the end user is entirely subjective.

Almost every camera released in the past few year are all very capable of doing amazing picture.

Heck no! I bought an Xt-30 based on features and review and discovered a serious flaw for an serious video shooter. I loved everything about that camera but that failing. I returned it and jumped to the X-T3 and discovered what I consider a flaw that that doest exist on its baby brother. I found another obscure issue this morning with the X-T3. All the issues I am discovering were unreported int he previous firmware and largely only affect video. Now I know the failing it a simple matter to work around and frankly I slap myself for even using the full auto everything mode to start with.

after I decided to return the xt-30 I spent many hours trying to decide if the  more proven X-H1 would server my needs better but after enjoying the Xt-30 features I went for the X-T3.

So, back to Bias, DPR chose to throw in a note of inadequacy about the X-T3 in a topic in which it is totally irellavent. Therein  lies my question. Nikon and canon's top of the line DSLR cameras do not have IBIS and I cannot find a single negative reference to that in the revamped buyers guide! 99% of everything I shoot is sports and about 75% is now video highlight clips. IBIS is not relevant and yet feature the Fuji has that I think are very important to sports shooting such as Pre-Shot are completely ignored.  In fact it isn't mentioned anywhere in the comparisons either and I believe its also feature of the olympus line

The most expensive camera won... not the camera with the most sports orientated features in my opinion.

Someone referenced stabilization in lenses as a reason for the non mention in the nikon. Perhaps but at what cost? Altho I have to admit the bulk of fuji offerings cost more than my old truck did!

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