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Re: Others should see this, it may get buried.

cgarrard wrote:

In reply to "Woodturner" on a different part of this thread, I am copying his and my reply to his:

You wouldn't believe any reply I gave you. But for others reading this nonsense...

I used to be a big part of the A-Mount community. I used to have a dedicated A-Mount website, used to meet with Sony, etc. etc. etc. I had a huge personal investment in all of it, and made a lot of friends along the way, some I still have today.

That said, without being involved in the community for such a long time now, I had my own thoughts about SLT but I thought it would be much better to confirm the general consensus and talk to others here.

There is absolutely nothing self serving by doing that. In fact, I just posted an article LAST NIGHT about Sony and the A-Mount/SLT on my site, not a review, but rather a piece about how much the A-Mount has relevance, how to support it, and such.

So you can think whatever you like about me, you, or any of you here.

Fact is, I have a different career, a very successful one that isn't photography or journalism that I've had for well over twenty years now. I don't need to write articles or do photography, I love to do them. It is something that gives me great pleasure.

In other words, whatever $12.50 I make through Amazon Associates every month or other month are pennies I don't need.

But if you think that is my primary motivation after that, I don't know what else to say.

Good luck bud!


You should be ashamed Carl of trying to take advantage of the under privileged A mounters! 

Unfortunately this forum does not like any discussion that may in any way relate to the demise or end of A-mount cameras. It is not tolerated  . You may speak of the end of the world but any A-mount discussion that may lead down the path of extinction will be met by the A-luminati...and that is not pleasant.

My A-mount camera is now my odd camera out but it is still a great camera and I very much enjoy shooting with it.


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