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Re: What will happen if a fixed or almost equal amount of NR is applied to RAW?

James Bligh wrote:

What will you say if I say a fixed or almost equal* amount of NR is applied to RAW in the range of ISO?

That you're making up theories on the spot, just to bash this fine camera.

It's called reductio ad absurdum, when you show that assuming a certain hypothesis to be true leads to an absurd conclusion. You're rejecting that by claiming the absurd to be true.

* Incrementally increased or just enough amount of NR not to cause further desaturation of color

It doesn't make any sense to apply the same noise reduction regardless of the ISO. And by your own admission NR is applied from ISO 200 which leaves ISO 100 out. Yet there's no desaturation from ISO 100 up.

If this is true Ricoh or Pentax may have developed an ingenious way of exploiting their preprocessor. But until it is proven we are supposed to shut our mouths and just be in awe of their achievement?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. So far, you have no evidence - only claims.

Even more, you're rejecting the evidence to the contrary as provided by Iliah Borg. I'll trust my eyes, but Iliah would do the math.

I think it is unbelievable there are no reviews which document, mention what we observe and speculate upon what happens in GR3 image processing.

Reviews documenting a made up issue? Bashing a product without any reason?

If they did so, I'd suspect they're either fanboys of, or even paid by the competition.


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