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Re: Diffraction Limits?

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It seems like a year or two has passed since I last read on this forum that M4/3 format is limited by increasing problems with diffraction as MP is increased. Is that no longer a problem? Was it ever?

I don't see it mentioned in this thread. I am not taking a stand on the matter since the details are beyond my understanding but a jump to 32mp would have raised the diffraction issue here in the past. Why not now? gp

It's nothing to worry about. The theory of pixel count and diffraction limiting, peddled originally by Cambridge in Colour, I think, is nonsense. Pixel count doesn't affect diffraction limiting.

To expand on that, diffraction depends on the physical size of the lens opening, the same as exposure and depth of field. So if you're not diffraction limited at f/8 on FF, then you won't be diffraction limited at f/4 on micro four thirds.

Indeed, and this usage also turns round the normal meaning of 'diffraction limited', which is a system which has a resolution only limited by diffraction. That's in fact very good, it means the optics are perfect. Few if any photographic lenses are diffraction limited wide open.

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