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T O Shooter wrote:

The Z6 and Z7 is worse than the D850. Plain and simple. While there are different tools for different jobs, iteration one of the Zees are lesser tools. They are a lighter alternative to a DSLR and little more. If someone is old and weak that doesn't make a Zee better. It just makes it something easier to carry around. If you're physically fit and need something lighter for backpacking, hiking, all day use, whatever, in iteration 1 of the Zees, you are sacrificing quality of product for light weight. Nothing more.

It is amazing how foolish some of the Zee owners get on. When version II or version III is good enough for me to buy, I will likely never admit it on here, as there's no way in hell I want any association with the over the top zealousness that seems to come with owning a Zee. I'll use it as the tool that it is to do a certain job - nothing more.

Saying the Z6 and Z7 are good, indeed very good, cameras is hardly over-the-top zealousness.

The D850 is arguably the best camera ever, if "best" has a meaning. If it does, then Z6 or Z7 or indeed any other camera is "not as good". Obviously. Nobody's arguing otherwise.

But ... people's requirements differ. Take your backpacker example. The backpacker will be using the camera in a specific sort of way, mainly landscapes. As an experienced backpacker I can't see that Z6 or Z7 are in any way inferior to a D850. In particular, the combination with the 24-70 S f4 gives stunning picture quality. No sacrifice in quality at all. You can have both light weight and quality.

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