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Re: Can you back those accusations?

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They have always been bias against Fujifilm...Mind you some of these staff are paid to endorse anti Fuji sentiments. Some are blatant pro Sony where as others are die-hard Canikons. Hardly anyone of them is cool head enough to offer impartial views on something they are not paid to endorse! Its not a pleasant site to visit apart from some very knowledgeable forum members. I learnt a whole lot from members than these pros wanna be in Dpreview team.

I'm certainly not here to be any sort of an apologist for DPR, however, your accusations here are completely unsubstantiated. Unless you are prepared to back these statements with some sort of proof, then I would encourage people to totally ignore your comments. At the very least, you might consider adding "IMHO" or some other qualifier to these comments, making it clear that they are simply your own opinions, rather than trying to present them as if they are indisputable facts. They most certainly are not.

I feel also that for dpreview, Sony is automatically the best, Canon second, and everything else inferior.

There is a strong bias against Pentax, and a small bias against Nikon.

For example, among the new FF mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z7 is obviously (to me) the better one, but dpreview defines it as 'trying to catch-up with the Sony A7R-III'.

Well, I don't have proofs as you would say, I don't know why there is a bias - it can be other less nasty things than money - but it is there, because the assessment of cameras doesn't match a rational analysis of these cameras - IMHO (-:)

That’s fair, and a bit more reasoned a response than the one I responded to IMHO. I do think that one’s own personal opinions/biases, particularly when not aligned with DPR’s view, can easily lead one to see their reviews as biased. The issue is that DPR’s reviews, just like posts here, are a product of humans who have their own views, often different from yours or mine.

I suspect that the size and influence of Canon and Nikon will tend to get them more attention here than many of believe that they deserve. Whether that represents bias is arguable, but I can see why it comes across that way.

In any event, I have no strong opinions one way or the other on this... just perhaps see it a bit differently. My objection above was in reference to what I view as completely unsubstantiated accusations (such as paid endorsements) being presented as fact, rather than speculation.

My impression is the opposite, that DPReview has a bias toward Fuji. I think they appreciate that Fuji is more niche than mainstream and they appreciate the quality and attention to detail, and the cameras have more retro style and are more fun to shoot.

To Belgarchi, the reason why they say that the Z7 is trying to catch up to the A7RIII is because it is. It's a new product, the autofocus is not as good as Sony, Sony has way more lenses for their mirrorless FF including their amazing Gmaster series, and Sony is several generations refined at this point. That's obvious to me and likely everyone else too. So what's the surprise in DPReview saying the same?

Well, the Sony's ergonomy / menus are terrible, many of their lenses are so-so, I have doubts about the efficiency of their stabilization system using a so small lens mount, the Nikon is more water resistant, and it can use a huge collection of SLRs outstanding lenses.

that's your impression, but the latest sales figures show that Sony is selling more cameras than the biggest rival companies, combined.   So lots of people like the cameras, and the market is efficient.

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