Viewfinders: I am puzzled.

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Re: It's the image in the viewfinder that matters, not its physical size.

Tommi K1 wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

Always sticking to a 50mm lens is quite perverse and means that smaller format cameras automatically have larger viewfinder magnifications, which is not helpful.

It is helpful, there is the reasons for that, that is your eye. It is standard that you can relate all kind viewfinders information and usefulness to given situation. You can as well understand how different viewfinders relate to each others across brand.

I cannot see how it is helpful.

If I have a FF camera with a normal 50mm lens, and the viewfinder has 1.0 magnification, that means that what I see in the viewfinder is exactly life size (and occupies around 45 degrees of my actual field of view)

On the other hand, if I have a small format camera and again a normal focal length lens for that format, if the viewfinder has 1.0 magnification, the image I see in the VF will be tiny, much smaller than it was on the FF camera.

If I want to see the same size image in the VF of the compact camera as I see in the VF of the FF camera, the magnification needs to be equal to the crop factor!

Yet you say I should forget equivalence!

What I am interested in is what I actually see when I use a normal focal length.

Using 50mm on a very small format is using a strongly telephoto lens.  That is not normal, not sensible and it may not even be possible for some cameras.

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