Lens flare, is this fixable?

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Re: Lens flare, is this fixable?

Ok so at least you're going to have the bells and whistles.

Once you have made a selection with the quick tool or the wand, you will see marching ants ( an animated broken line ) surrounding the selection. At the top of the screen there is a heading Refine the selection and a box to click.

This opens a dialogue where you can make choices, stick to basics and  try the brush tool with smart radius checked.  In the lower boxes don't worry about  " smooth" or " feather and just stick contrast ( in this case) to about 55% - 60%. The cliff is dark the sky and sea light so contrast AS A HELPER is good.  Now paint with your brush ( use the brackets at the top of the enter key on keyb to widen or narrow brush )  to paint along the edge of the selection and PS will detect the finer detail and use contrast as a helper .

Once your selection is made click on the layers tablet to add a new layer with this selection as a mask. What is dark will be withheld by the mask what is light will be adjusted.  Look at your layers pallet and note that you can adjust the layer style to multiply  also you can adjust the % that this layer will interact with the main image.

Very hard to do all this with words.... google Youtube videos on masking and selection.  There are some great ones, a guy called Phlearn does dome quite good lessons. Photoshop is huge and powerful, with an ability in PS your landscape work will grow hugely....spend the time and reap the rewards.

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