Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

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Re: Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

Sagittarius wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

Sadly, BR will continue selling a flawed product and some will continue defending them and justifying why the products work due to their anecdotal experience. One look at the product should tell anyone with even a cursory knowledge of physics (or common sense) that it is a poor design.

I find it very disrespectful to call others people experience anecdotal. I've used BR strap for years and never had a problem. Yes, I use a safety strap to safeguard in case. BTW I do not like sling straps where strap slides on the body, can burn your body or neck.

briantilley wrote:

Agreed. What they seem to be saying is: "my anecdotal experience is meaningful, but yours (if it disagrees with mine) is not".

My last sentence is very important. Supporting a product using anecdotal experience when even a basic understanding of physics and/or common sense tells you where the obvious weak points are, has little to no value.

I can say all day long that my fishing line with a clinch knot on one end supports my camera perfectly, but anyone who looks at a setup like that can see that it has obvious weaknesses. The same is true of the BR strap. Just look at the darn thing, anyone can plainly see where it is likely to fail.

When supporting thousands of dollars worth of equipment, one needs a robust solution that doesn't rely merely on a tripod screw at the bent end of a carabiner.

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