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Re: Nikon Z advisory

DigitalFFUser wrote:

lickity split wrote:

briantilley wrote:

Didn't they create a new forum for Z camera discussions...?

Yeah it’s one forum over but you better be careful only to praise the Z bodies even if they can’t AF and have service advisories or you’ll quickly be banned from commenting, the forums not interested in discussion only cheerleading....

Z,s AF got better than D850. Video AF was already better but now still AF is better too (especially for large apertures with thin DOF). Eye AF is also only on Z not on Nikon DSLRs. Nikon is committed to provide more features via future updates

AF is indeed more accurate on Z bodies than D850 for static objects.

Focusing a D850 is child's play.  When a Z can track a bird in flight and without viewfinder blur it might be a more interesting proposition.  Not holding my breath :^)

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