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Re: Europe with m43 - How to use the "wire lock"?

Martin Ocando wrote:

Franks38 wrote:

Your report is terrific in its details & explanations. When time allows, could you explain how you used the wire lock. It seemed that you used it with your gear while out sightseeing and taking pictures. I can't quite envision how the wire lock was used in this setting...Frank

Sure, it was a simple combination lock that I got on Amazon. I paid $12.95 for 2 locks. In reality, any small lock would have worked, but I got that one because I didn't want to deal with keys and the risk of losing them.

But we didn't use it for the camera gear, although I dropped the 35-100mm inside a couple of times, to lighten my sling a little bit. We used it mostly for water, snacks, a couple of small bottles of wine, and in case we purchased something smallish so it would be easier to carry while walking. My gear was in my Peak Design 5L sling which I wore through my waist.

Now, the use requires 2 persons. That's why I wore the backpack, and my wife was in charge of opening and closing it. We passed the wire through the metallic zipper pulls eyelets.

Worked great, and had no issues whatsoever with pickpockets.

Yes, I have a few of these, and some of the solid loop versions, that I use on various bits of luggage (eg to provide some security when you’ve got £4k gear in your cabin baggage in an overhead bin on an overnight flight!). However I find them way too fiddly on camera bags when you need quick access.

For camera bags in any town or city, clipping zips is absolutely essential these days. Bag manufacturers and many travellers think zipping a bag pocket closed is proof against pickpockets, but they’ve obviously never travelled on the Madrid or Paris metros Professional thieves will open a zipped compartment, remove what’s inside, and close the zip again in moments, and you won’t feel a thing.

So, I either use one of the PacSafe sling bags or rucsacs which have zip-catches built in, or I add mini-carabiners to hold the zips of other bags together - you soon get proficient at opening these one-handed:

Nothing is resistant to all attacks, but these make life more difficult for thieves and will hopefully make them try it on with someone else.

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