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CharlesB58 wrote:

2009 Micro Four Thirds debuts: "These cameras are so small, they're like toys. Plus, they will never catch on without a pro spec'd flagship model, Olympus needs to figure out the market."

2011 EPM1: "It's too small" and it fails. "When will Olympus come out with a camera for pros and serious amateurs"

2012 OMD EM5: "It's getting there, but still not a camera "real pros" would use. And why does it have to look like a slr?"

2013 OMD EM1: "It's not really a professional camera. Olympus needs to come out with something to compete with Canon and Nikon."

2019 OMD EM1x: "It's too big. Olympus has lost its focus. They forgot what m4/3 is all about."

Yeah, we're that messed up as a group of camera owners. LOL

Are these statements actually quotes, as the quotation marks would indicate, or are they made-up statements intended to illustrate a point of view that you think exists? Maybe if you wanted to make a stronger point you could attribute these opinions and show that they come from the same group of people - otherwise I can't see what is the point.

There is a lot of good humour here which most people will realise and gel with and strict attributes and sub notes like a history text would rather dampen things a bit.

I'm not sure I recognise the humour, let alone 'good' humour. I know the fashion is for humour that isn't funny, but in my book that isn't humour.

We all have different sense of humor, a cultural thing I suppose.

But I'm with you on this one, I see no humor in the OP. More like a rant from an upset poster.

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