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woodturner wrote:

When you started this thread my first thought was “Odd, Why such an obvious cheap troll from someone who presents himself as a photography expert?"

I thought I was being cynical when I suggested:

You are merely trawling for free material and comments to base another article on. The motivation for starting this thread is therefore to get up to date info in one place to base another article on. Therefore to appear really informed and garner more Paypal support.”

Despite all the subsequent “Gee, tell me more” type follow-ups to those who took your bait, and you appearing to be a repeat offender with the same approach in other forums, you seemed to suggest I was wrong. OK, I thought good luck with it.

But now you have persuaded me I was right:

You said to QuietOC elsewhere in this thread:


“I'm very much behind on all things SLT. I am considering doing an SLT review and still can't decide which model, almost got the A77II... however now... not sure”.

So indeed you were just trawling for new material to base a blog post on, to be able to appear expert and up to date. Motivation? Perhaps gain subscribers and PayPal support, and possibly even blag a free camera to review from Sony?

I doubt you will provide a list of credits of your unpaid, unknowing research team. It would be rather long…..

Sloppy Journalism.

You wouldn't believe any reply I gave you. But for others reading this nonsense...

I used to be a big part of the A-Mount community. I used to have a dedicated A-Mount website, used to meet with Sony, etc. etc. etc. I had a huge personal investment in all of it, and made a lot of friends along the way, some I still have today.

That said, without being involved in the community for such a long time now, I had my own thoughts about SLT but I thought it would be much better to confirm the general consensus and talk to others here.

There is absolutely nothing self serving by doing that. In fact, I just posted an article LAST NIGHT about Sony and the A-Mount/SLT on my site, not a review, but rather a piece about how much the A-Mount has relevance, how to support it, and such.

So you can think whatever you like about me, you, or any of you here.

Fact is, I have a different career, a very successful one that isn't photography or journalism that I've had for well over twenty years now. I don't need to write articles or do photography, I love to do them. It is something that gives me great pleasure.

In other words, whatever $12.50 I make through Amazon Associates every month or other month are pennies I don't need.

But if you think that is my primary motivation after that, I don't know what else to say.

Good luck bud!


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