FZ1000 blur: normal or bad copy?

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Re: FZ1000 blur: normal or bad copy?

axlotl wrote:

HI, Our family has had 5 copies of the FZ1000 over the last four years.

The lens on one was stellar at all focal lengths but I sent it off to a Pana tech to remove dust and it came back decentered. Moral- leave a bit of dust in there.

Luckily, no dust on sensor so far (knock on wood!).

Two had considerable decentering with softness one one side or the other depending on the focal length. These were unacceptable to me and much worse than your example.

Two were acceptable or good at all focal lengths.

So I need at least 5 attempts to get a goo copy!

About your picture, I should say that we are expecting and getting remarkable results from consumer cameras these days. Your picture illustrates this with excellent sharpness on almost all the people in this large group.

Just a few years ago this would have required a large format camera.

The character of the unsharpness (rough, a bit jagged ) on the far left indicates a bit of decentering in this lens.

On my experience that is within the range of normal manufacturing tolerance for

a) Panasonic lenses generally (of which I have owned and used about 50) and

b) the FZ1000.

Having used a Sony RX10.4 extensively and been very impressed with the lens in that camera I would guess that Sony is probably putting more resources into ensuring the lens is sharp everywhere (it is) .

The FZ1000 and also the soon to be released FZ1000.2 with the same lens is much less expensive. I would suggest that a lower level of quality control in the lens manufacture and assembly process in he Panasonic factory is likely to be one reason for that.

Probably you're right, I think that quality controls at Panasonic are very tolerant. It's 500 € semi-pro machine, not a cheap Chinese phone.

Keep your copy of the FZ1000. If you change it the next one could be worse.


You're definitely right.
But I'm a hard headed guy, so  I bought a second copy.
In the end I returned it. Better than copy 1 but still quite soft on corners and, most important, VERY soft at tele end. Worse than my 1" sensor benchmark (Sony RX 100) and even than my old FZ 150.
Some examples at about 40 mm:

Sony RX 100: excellent sharpness (ISO 800 is for giving a litte handicap to the champion)

FZ1000 COPY 1: strong decentering especially on left side, writings almost unreadable

FZ 1000 COPY 2: much better but still a bit soft on the left. Probably a keeper except for  tele end

GOOD OLD FZ 150: never disappointing

I have been a satisfied Lumix user for several years, but I consider the FZ 1000  a real disappointment. I love its shape, dimension, UI, everything, but I can't accept such a poor and variable IQ from such a camera.
Thanks everybody.
Here in Italy you are allowed by the law to return any item by 14 fourteen days without explanations, so maybe in the future I'll try a third one. I don't want to give up, a good copy of FZ 1000 would my ideal camera (RX 10 mk III or IV being too expensive).

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