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Re: Mirrorless is dead end of photography.


Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

I was not sarcastic. I already wrote somewhere that the digital mirrorless is the dead end of photography, and that includes smartphones.

It is the dead end because all physicality about the photographic tools and objective assessment of equipment is gone from the equation.

The camera has become a box loaded with chips and software that do all the job for us, most of it we have no idea how or why it is done. The loss of physicality is so extreme with the digital mirrorless that even a lens in a mirrorless camera can be utter rubbish but it will be corrected in the software and no one will know how it really behaves.

All objective measurements are gone.

Mirrorless lenses can't be used between different mirrorless systems, and this causes rapid shrinking of the camera market because each mirrorless lens system has become a separated island that cannot communicate with its neighbour.

This is the antithesis of the SLR era; in the SLR era, photography expanded rapidly and in all walks of life thanks to a concept of interchangeable lenses with longer flange distance that can be shared among the different camera makers.

Software correction did not exist then, cameras and all equipment had to be physically very well made and up to a high standard. Within the same film format, it was guaranteed that the lens will work regardless of the camera behind it.

Now all that is gone. Digital photography has become a type of Pocket Tanks game, in which players devise own pathetic and proprietary camera and lens systems that cannot talk to each other, but only shoot bombs at each other while destroying the landscape.

However, that physicality of the SLR era has become deformed physicality with the digital SLR (DSLR), especially with the shift towards the FF.

For various wrong reasons, the lenses and cameras grew in size considerably, to the point that they impose an impediment in everyday use. It affected me too; the strain in my shoulder and visits to the doctors forced me to use lightweight digital mirrorless equipment. I am not very happy about it, because I seem to be eating my own words about the dead end of photography, but I chose M43, because it is the closest idea to the more open SLR era than anything else available on the market today.

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