GR III a good camera for landscapes and hikes?

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Re: Sony vs. Ricoh for Street

luck002 wrote:

MrHollywood wrote:

I just wish Ricoh owners could be honest about this...honest about the limits of 28mm and the AF and colors. Instead of making excuses, just be honest.


Umm..I knew all about that even before I bought my GRs. Not a single review I found on the internet both by the reviewers and the users deny it. Still bought it. Still happy with it. Is it a sin to be happy with it?

I like your shots with RX100VI though (and I'm honest about this). Been an RX100 M3 and RX1 user myself. Fantastic cameras especially the RX1.

Thank you.

I'm absolutely fine with people liking or even loving their camera choice.

What I dislike and call out is when someone asks about a camera and gets bad info. As good as the little GRIII is, it's NOT versatile. Yet we've had people in this forum trying to insist that it is.

Fixed 28mm is not versatile.

No viewfinder is not versatile.

Weak AF is just that.

As much as I enjoyed my Nikon df, when someone asked if it was good for sports I said NO. But others would start posting about how it could certainly handle some sports. That's disingenuous nonsense and we see it in every forum.

The list of things that the GRIII is good at is pretty short. What it does well, it does VERY well. If you bought it for that short list, you made a great purchase. Niche designs are certainly no crime and why folks like me own a bunch of cameras. I don't freak out when someone suggests my RX100 VI is slow to turn on...because that's true. Nor should anyone meltdown when it's pointed out that the GRIII isn't a strong camera for stuff that moves, or portraits, or anyone seeking a versatile travel camera. It should be patently obvious that it wasn't designed to excel at ANY of that.


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