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Re: How Are We? - Who are the "we"?

JosephScha wrote:

All the cameras that were the source of gripes in your post were by Olympus, and I kind of presume the gripes were from Olympus owners or wanna-be Olympus owners.

All my micro 4/3 cameras have been Panasonic cameras, and almost all my lenses are as well. Personally I have not heard such gripes from Panasonic owners. There are people who loved the GM series and would rush out tomorrow and buy a GM9 if such a model came out, that is true. But I can't remember Panasonic owners griping that Panasonic has lost its way, and their top end model is too big. I own a G9 and I'm very happy. Before that i had a G7 (somewhat less pleased) and before that a G10. Panasonic has improved from the G10 to the G7 and from the G7 to the G9.

I don't know why that is, but I think it's true that the angst we hear about Olympus is much lower volume about Panasonic. Am I wrong?

Less Panasonic cameras out there in the wild so less potential for problems. Maybe.

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