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Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

DigitalFFUser wrote:

Grab a Z yourself and do a side by side comparison.

Among several other well known factors, the laggy viewfinder is a total disqualifier for me, so no thank you. As well, to hope that these defects will be cured in a second generation is most likely wishful thinking.

Nikon's new color rendering is pure magic.

Anyone with any post processing skills can make any raw look like any other. Jpegs I don't care about.

Dude, I am talking about raw.

Not Dude, please.

What does Not Dude mean?

You will see the difference as soon as you import the images. Now LR colors match with Nikon's in camera profile.

I don't care about or like Nikon's in camera profiles as presented by CNX2 or CNX-D. They have never looked right to me. I much prefer Adobe Camera Standard. Adobe has forgotten more about processing raws than Nikon or Silkypix ever knew. But whatever you prefer is fine.

What I am trying to say that Nikon did tweak their color rendering in Z system. Colors look more constrasty and saturated now.

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