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Re: Nikon Z advisory

DigitalFFUser wrote:

Grab a Z yourself and do a side by side comparison.

Among several other well known factors, the laggy viewfinder is a total disqualifier for me, so no thank you. As well, to hope that these defects will be cured in a second generation is most likely wishful thinking.

Nikon's new color rendering is pure magic.

Anyone with any post processing skills can make any raw look like any other. Jpegs I don't care about.

Dude, I am talking about raw.

Not Dude, please.

You will see the difference as soon as you import the images. Now LR colors match with Nikon's in camera profile.

I don't care about or like Nikon's in camera profiles as presented by CNX2 or CNX-D. They have never looked right to me.  I much prefer Adobe Camera Standard.  Adobe has forgotten more about processing raws than Nikon or Silkypix ever knew.  But whatever you prefer is fine.

I am expert of both LR and Photoshop but for Z I have to make only minimal adjustments in LR.

Happy you!

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