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Re: For someone who has never owned one...

What I find amusing is that every time a Z discussion starts over here, fellows such as yourself float over here to defend the Z. IMO, you know what you've bought and really, deep down, you know what I'm saying is true. There'd be no discussion on any of this here if you stuck to the Z forum and discussed the Z there.

TO, I bought one of the first D3’s available in the US. I’m quite certain I’ve been on this forum as long as you have as I’ve been here since its inception. As an constant fx owner, I still (in)frequent this forum. I noticed yet another negative Z thread here, as you pointed out, in the FX forum. I don’t see negative fx threads in the Z forum, probably because most Z owner own both - from each camp: dslr and mirrorless.

Every time I see one of those negative/critical thread, you seem to be there running off without any hands on experience, something I never used to see from you in the past. Disappointing to say the least...  Is it too late to buy back your business?🙂

I have no issue with any criticism of any item, including those that I own, if it is by someone who actually has hands on experience with the item in question. Otherwise it is just meaningless internet drivel. Again disappointing...

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