70-300 AF-P on the Z series?

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Re: 70-300 AF-P on the Z series?

quattro88 wrote:

I sold my AF-S 70-300 a few days ago and I just bought 70-300 AF-P. First tried it in the store and then at home on D750 and found that I need to shoot at 1/50 sec minimum to avoid a motion blur. I believe that the previous version had a better VR. I then put the lens via FTZ on Z6 and got slightly better results - I could get down to 1/30 sec.

Could any of you guys who have this lens and same bodies - D750 and Z6, try to shoot at slow speeds and let me know how slow can you get while handholding the camera.

I just wanted to ensure that VR on my new lens is not faulty. I will appreciate your help.

1/50 at which focal length - 300mm?

Here is a quick test I did at 300MM at 1/25 and also a crop from same picture. Z6/FTZ. Looks plenty sharp to me. I have also taken pretty sharp ones at 1/15 or so at 300MM which is pretty astonishing to me.

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