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dsjtecserv wrote:

Marks88 wrote:

Below are two pictures; One taken by me, the other used in promotional literature. Both at the same location.

I am sure you can tell which one was taken by me.

When taking this picture I couldn't get the camera to focus on the internal wall and, as you can see, the light from outside dominates the picture. Can anyone help with how to address this? or is it likely that a flash was used on the professional picture?


The interior was definitely lit with an additional light source. See the shadows of the legs and seats of the chairs? It is possible that the interior was lit brightly enough so that a single exposure was used for both it and the exterior -- the light levels were balanced. But it is also possible that the interior still has less exposure than the exterior, and was therefore darker, until it was lightened using processing software. Finally, it is also possible that the interior and exterior were separate exposures that were combined later in software.

In other words there are several ways that this shot could have been made.

Also note that the photographer's choice of position of the (likely single) interior light source was not particularly good. It was positioned to the left of the camera but fairly close to the wall it was illuminating. It is significantly closer to the wall and chair on the left that the wall and chair on the right. There is a proportional difference int eh illumination of the left and right -- the left is considerably brighter than the right. If possible it would have been better to place the light further back to minimize this difference. However, doing so would also have made it harder to illuminate the wall brightly enough to match the outside. Photography is often about finding the optimal combination of choices, understanding that it may not be practical to implement the perfect combination.


Best answer so far.

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