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Jeff wrote:

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This from Mirrorless Rumors:

Sshort roundup of the rumored cameras for the year 2019:

Leica SL2: coming the second half of the year with same Panasonic S1R sensor
Hasselblad X1D-100: To be on the market by the second half of the year and featuring the new Sony 100MP sensor
Fuji GFX100: Will be announced on May 23 (we know all specs about that camera)
Canon High End EOS-R camera: Probably features a new 64 Megapixel sensor and will be announced in autumn
Canon EOS-M500: Entry level APS-C camera coming this autumn
Sony A9II: To be announced in September and feature some revolutionary advancements (particularly on the sensor level)
Sony A7sIII: To be announced with or slightly after the Sony A9II
Olympus E-M5III: To be announced in late summer/early autumn and maybe featuring a new 32MP Sony sensor

Does anyone know if Sony actually has a mFt 32 mp sensor?

Because if they do and if Olympus is able to procure it and implement it into a camera...maybe hold off on purchasing the EM1x for the OMD EM1 mark III. The mark II is coming up on its end of life cycle. i know I know pure speculation...


What seems to be lost in this rumor is the supposedly 100% reliable rumor that Olympus is working on a global shutter. That's a big deal.

For one thing, it means an end to the rolling shutter effect. So that's good news for video and action shooters.

But think what it means for HHHR mode, pro capture, the myriad of other things Oly has developed over time. My guess is all of these things get a substantial boost in functionality.


Not going to lead from the back foot with a incredibly expensive, rip your arms off, GM5 size 32mp global shutter stand out? Now that would make the M4/3 system stand out as being playing to its compact system strengths.

What we will get is flagship huge body stuff that tries to directly compete head on with FF ML bodies and trickle down to increasingly compromised smaller ones until they simply fade away.

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