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Marks88 wrote:

Below are two pictures; One taken by me, the other used in promotional literature. Both at the same location.

I am sure you can tell which one was taken by me.

When taking this picture I couldn't get the camera to focus on the internal wall

Well, if your camera has selectable AF points make sure you set one on a part of the wall that has some texture in it. The carvings would be ideal.

and, as you can see, the light from outside dominates the picture. Can anyone help with how to address this?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) - take a set of shots at different exposures and merge them in appropriate software. There are various dedicated HDR programs but by default they usually give weird and unrealistic colours. Photoshop's HDR Pro gives the most natural tones (to my eye, anyway).

The example here isn't particularly bad but it certainly isn't the best advert for HDR.

For this particular shot you might well need 5 shots at 2 stop intervals; or you might just get away with three. Most modern cameras have their own HDR system, that takes three shots sat three stop intervals. Quick and easy but rarely as good as the basic method.

or is it likely that a flash was used on the professional picture?


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