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Marks88 wrote:

Below are two pictures; One taken by me, the other used in promotional literature. Both at the same location.

I am sure you can tell which one was taken by me.

When taking this picture I couldn't get the camera to focus on the internal wall and, as you can see, the light from outside dominates the picture. Can anyone help with how to address this? or is it likely that a flash was used on the professional picture?


focus: I don't know what your camera can do, but either focus with a centre focus point aimed at the door frame/chair and recompose before  shooting, or select a focus point that is over the door frame.

exposure: you could use flash, you could also try setting a couple of stops exposure compensation (-2 or -3), or you could set your camera to manual exposure and set it to a quarter or less of the exposure metered for outside.

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