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DigitalFFUser wrote:

If you can accept neither is better - or worse - just different - maybe you are on this Earth and not on Fullers Earth.

The Z6 and Z7 is worse than the D850. Plain and simple. While there are different tools

I own both D850 and Z6 and can tell you that Z6 even at 24 MP is giving D850 run for its money.

1) It stablized all my F-mount lenses.

How much stabilization in some measurable way?

2) New S lenses are amazing. I was blown away by kit lens's quality as it was better than my G primes.

3) Live view with histogram is so much helpful.

4) of course its lighter. Despite being young and body builder I enjoy this light setup more.

5) SOOC quality of Z is better than D850 and D610.

6) All my f-mount lenses are producing tack sharp images whereas on D850 I had to fine tune all my lenses.


7) Video on Z6 is at least million times better than D850.

million times better?

8) Eye AF on Z6 is amongst the best implementations.

9) IBIS on Z6 is one of the best. So easy to take photos at slow shutter speeds now/

The list goes on and on.

How can it go on and on

Conclusion: Z cameras are better cameras than D850 in wide variety of situations.

You said you hated utubers cause they are not objective and are paid to attack Z and you come with the above?

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