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I do love my Z7...

Bought mine last October, and 810 has been shelved ever since.  Don’t know if the af is quite as responsive as the 810, but don’t know that it is not.  It IS always dead bang on though, which is pretty spectacular.

Used it last week at daughter’s graduation - nice to be dead silent.  IBIS is a treat.  Only thing I might have pause about is using it on bigger lens without support.  After three decades with Nikon, I’m just used to using larger bodies with 70-200 2.8 and bigger lens.

If I were still shooting sports, I’d likely choose another body for that task, who knows if that will change in the future.  If that need occurs anytime in the near future, I’ve got several  other Nikon bodies to use.  BTW, all my F lens with the exception of a 180d work flawlessly through the adapter.

Don’t know why the wailing and gnashing of teeth, Z’s are great photo bodies - they are not slr’s.  The wonderful thing  about Nikon is that you can choose either or from both camps, and use the same lens on superb bodies.

No need for either camp to feel threatened, slrs and F mount lens are not going anywhere soon.  Based on my usage, I love the Z the way it is today and believe the Z line will be around for years to come as well.

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