Looking for new all-rounder that can do indoor kids' sports

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Re: Looking for new all-rounder that can do indoor kids' sports

I find CAF just doesn't work when the subject changes shape as much as a gymnast does. It might work fine for a car. Not for a gymnast where you get a fix when they're up straight but need the lock when they're curled up in a dive.

I use pre-focus a lot. In addition to that I use continous drive mode, at low speed, with autofocus in between shots (high speed does not re-aquire focus).

Thanks for the tips - I haven't had an opportunity to try to shoot anything like that yet, so I wasn't aware of the specific challenges.  In-focus shots of general horseplay have increased a lot so far with the Fuji, but I hadn't thought about quickly morphing objects fooling the autofocus system - most of the reviews linger on erratic motion rather than a shifting silhouette.

Based on early reviews of Sony's efforts one hopes that those sorts of issues dry up over the next half-decade or so.  I'm sure that Olympus is looking at it too, what with the unusual tech they put into the EM1X.

No matter what, it sounds like I'll want to invest in a 2.8 zoom sooner or later.  I'll have to show my wife this thread, so she understands that I really don't have any choice...

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