Nikon Z6 and Z7 Service Advisory

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C41 wrote:

and it's not affected. What's interesting is that they were bought just a couple of weeks apart (as they came in on waitlist) from the same local shop, but widely different s/n's. This one was a zoom lens kit, while the other (3009xxx which is affected) was body only.

As I had posted earlier, I checked the following Z6 serial numbers:

  • 3009719 not
  • 3009720 Affected
  • 3009721 not
  • 3009722 Affected
  • 3009723 not
  • 3009724 not

Potentially you could have bought two Z6 with consecutive serial numbers, and one would be affected and the other not.

I merely came up with those numbers at random, as my Z6 is not among those. And yes, I had a little to much time in my hands the other day.

Also, hearing about this series of Nikon recalls (D600, 750...) I'm curious whether Canon has also had comparable issues? (That's not trolling, this is just the first time I've ever experienced one.)

No, the Canon R and RP will never have IBIS issues similar to that in the Nikon Z6 and Z7, since those Canon bodies do not have IBIS in the first place.

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