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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

You like your Z, and that's good for you. Stick with what you know. Perhaps you shouldn't speak for the many well respected folks who have used and reviewed this product, and who have clearly identified many of its shortcomings. Doing so only puts you into the category of trying to rationalize your purchase by invoking straw men.

I you invoking inverse logic - and also using straw men?

I like my Z for some things, my D850 for others, and my D500 for yet other things

Nobody has yet produced an ML body, or a DSLR, which is perfect for everything, though any one option might be perfect for one specific photographer.

The only area for me of doubt with Z is Dynamic area AF is not as flexible for focus tracking (moving toward or away from the camera) as D850 or D500.

When it comes to movement across the frame or focus on an eye Z has it - and DSLR's generally do not.

If you can accept neither is better - or worse - just different - maybe you are on this Earth and not on Fullers Earth.

The Z6 and Z7 is worse than the D850.  Plain and simple. While there are different tools for different jobs, iteration one of the Zees are lesser tools.  They are a lighter alternative to a DSLR and little more. If someone is old and weak that doesn't make a Zee better.  It just makes it something easier to carry around. If you're physically fit and need something lighter for backpacking, hiking, all day use, whatever, in iteration 1 of the Zees, you are sacrificing quality of product for light weight.  Nothing more.

It is amazing how foolish some of the Zee owners get on.  When version II or version III is good enough for me to buy, I will likely never admit it on here, as there's no way in hell I want any association with the over the top zealousness that seems to come with owning a Zee.  I'll use it as the tool that it is to do a certain job - nothing more.

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