Will any member of the Trio ever be as smooth as Photoshop?

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Re: Will any member of the Trio ever be as smooth as Photoshop?

Jonsi wrote:

ADW02 wrote:

I find my current situation to be acceptable.

So then... the point of the thread is to ask people if the other programs will ever perform better in a specific way?

That's a tough call from people who have no clue what the products' futures are.

But Photoshop is 30 years old. The others are 3, 4 & 10 yrs old. I would certainly hope it does everything better.

Yes, you're right in interpreting my question, but only in terms of "just in case." That is, I'm looking for the best way to coordinate The Trio (On1, Luminar and Affinity) just in case Adobe raises the lease price of Photoshop to $240 annually, a price I won't pay. I'm getting the feeling that Adobe will keep the basic photo package at its current price for the next year or so, but then discard it, trying to persuade photographers that they absolutely have to have the security of the Cloud, and that they'd be fools not to pay the increased lease price.

I've known for quite some time that both On1 and Luminar can perform some processing and enhancing functions for my needs better than Photoshop, and so my investment in them makes sense. As for Affinity, I'm training hard with  this software now and discovering that it too shines over Photoshop in a number of ways that appeal to me. And so my $50 investment in it is hardly money wasted.

Ultimately I'll have to use all three of these programs when Adobe is no longer an acceptable financial option. I just wish  they could all fluently coordinate with one another.

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